CHEAP rides and FULL value for the driver.
NO more exploitation.

Did you know that mobility apps are charging drivers up to 85% of the ride?

And they are living below the poverty line?

They are exhausted



Every day they take us a job, home, happy hour, our father at the airport, let our mother or grandmother in a church, our brother for a competition, children for parties and friends for fun. And they, how are they? 

What's really going on with our drivers?



Let's help the cause created by a driver in Miami, tired of being exploited. This campaign needs our support, the app will charge only $ 1 per RIDE. They need help to activating 1BROW.COM. We are millions of drivers and users. Let's be fair and support this working class and stop with injustices in the US and other countries.



The ride will be up to 30% cheaper to the passenger and the drivers will gain the total value of the RIDE. Today billions of dollars go to few hands, but with, this money will be DISTRIBUTED to millions of professionals and families.  The economy will warm up, the money will circulate, the stores will sell more, we will have more jobs and the better, more dignified lives for the millions of families.

This is fair and important for everyone.

Get Involved! Let's acknowledge their effort.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Freedom to drivers and passengers

Even without credit card will be possible. Payment and activation will be democratic and simple, and can be made and paid by phone or even with cash. They will be registered by phone, ID and will have a QR Code with your registration. Thousands of people without a card or phone signal will be able to use an app.

Market controlled by two companies has never been good for consumers

The market will come back to the drivers and passengers. Today we are trapped in the system. Freeing up the market and driver earn more and passenger pay less, this really is an advantage and improvement. This is the true democratization of transport and the freedom of consumption.

Be fair !!!

Being fair is a worldwide movement. We all want them to be fair to us, so they will also use fair services.

Ask your driver?

Ask your driver. Ask to see how much he earns in current races. The money doesn´t go to the driver's hand.

It is under the control of two companies.


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  • Rides will be cheaper and drivers will get much more. Today, companies charge from the passenger's $ 20 for a ride, the app holds $14 and the driver earns only $6. 

  • At 1 brow, this ride will cost $15, the driver will earn 13. Much more fair and advantageous. When a passenger or driver uses the app, each one pays only 1 dollar.

  • Let´s help millions of drivers and passengers around the world. 

  • If you are fair, you are 1 BROW.

Miami, Flórida, EUA

Together we can make a better world. God Bless you, God Bless America.